January Publications, Fireside Quarterly and Boundary Shock Quarterly

Hi all!

Long time, no blog. I just wanted to check in and tell everyone about my January publications. First, I have an essay in the January Issue of Fireside Quarterly entitled, Step into the Bad Side: Black Girl Magic Villains.

You can check out the January Issue here. Other contributors in this issue include:

  • Shiv Ramdas

  • Russell Nichols

  • George Lockett

  • Layla Al-Bedawi

  • Mary Soon Lee

  • Sabrina Vourvoulias

  • Jaymee Goh

  • Jenn Reese

  • Stu West

  • Sheree Renée Thomas

  • Brandon O'Brien

  • Kenesha Williams

  • Jennifer Stephan Kapral

  • Alberto Chimal

  • Karen Osborne

  • Sarah Gailey

  • Eden Royce

  • Fran Wilde

  • A. T. Greenblatt

Secondly, I have a sci-fi short story, Beyond Biology, in Boneyard of Lost Dreams: Boundary Shock Quarterly #5, which you can purchase on many different platforms: Amazon, Kobo, and iBooks.

I promise to not be so much of a stranger to the blog this year and to post at least once a month. I hope everyone is having a great start to the new year!