Scribes of Nyota Sci-Fi Anthology


I am happy to announce that I have a story in this wonderful anthology by I Am Black Sci-Fi & Pyroglyphics Studio.

My story prodigal daughter is about the contentious relationship between a mother and daughter. The mother is a multi-generational tech company executive who has created a designer daughter in her perfect image, but the daughter doesn't want to follow in her mother's footsteps and enlists into the military.

Although it's a story set in the future it is really a timeless and universal story of mother and daughter disagreeing about how the daughter's life should be lead. The mother has done everything she can to groom her daughter for certain life and her daughter rejects that.

The story is ultimately about the relationship that we have with the people in our lives and how technology can help or harm those relationships. There's a twist ending that is a bit reminiscent of ideas brought on in Black Mirror, but I wrote the story before I'd ever watched an episode.

I think the story also makes us think about what are the ways we can ethically and morally use technology and what things are actually intrinsic to the human experience that technology can't replicate.

Scribes of Nyota can be purchased via Amazon & I will also be offering signed copies on this site soon.