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Kenesha Williams is an author, editor and publisher who’s every work truly captures the meaning of magic. Kenesha is the publisher of “Black Girl Magic Lit Magazine”. A magazine dedicated to showcasing speculative fiction that feature black women as the central character. Like Ms. Williams shares in the interview, the stories in the magazine truly do have “black girls who are magical”. Kenesha Williams is also the author of “Do for Love”. A magical realism story that features Virginia Bridgeforth, a young lady who is pushed into the role of being a detective thanks to her magical power.

In this interview with Kenesha Williams we discuss the following:

  • A little bit about Kenesha’s background and how it set the stage for the work she is doing now
  • Kenesha’s motivation for writing “Do for Love” and what she wanted to explore in this story
  • How the story in “Do for Love” illustrates the dramatic difference in the lives of black people today vs black people who lived in the late 40s and early 50s
  • Kenesha’s interest in the magical realism genre and how this genre helps her create a story that is relatable to more people
  • We drift off into a brief discussion of how grandmothers will brag on their grandchildren even from the spirit world
  • Kenesha shares a list of African American mystery authors she reads and how Walter Mosley inspires her
  • The motivation for the creation of “Black Girl Magic Lit Magazine”
  • The need for “Black Girl Magic Lit Magazine” and the process of creating the magazine
  • A brief discussion of the speculative fiction genre
  • A brief discussion of the five published issues and news about the next issue
  • A funny discussion on the relationship black people have with the horror genre
  • Kenesha Williams’ work with WriteAhead Publishing( and the box sets they are producing
  • And so much more…

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